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Our company makes a profit through three key directions: cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency mining, and cryptocurrency lending. In addition, we are constantly looking for new ways to make a profit with the help of cryptocurrency. Today, everyone has the opportunity to participate in our business and earn money on a popular asset without any knowledge or skills.

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Our directions

What makes our company profit
Cryptocurrency trading

Our professional traders are actively trading cryptocurrency on the exchange.

Cryptocurrency mining

Developing our mining farm and mining cryptocurrency with it.

Cryptocurrency lending

We issue loans in the form of cryptocurrency to trusted individuals and companies.

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Our company was founded in 2013, at a time when cryptocurrencies were not yet known to a wide range of people, but were only gaining popularity. At the time, no one believed that cryptocurrencies could take pride of place alongside other assets such as gold, stocks, and foreign currency. However, we decided not to believe the world's analysts and took a risk-we created a team of traders who shared our views, and began to actively trade, analyze various situations and with varying success make a profit.

Having received a small income from trading, we decided not to stop at one direction of activity and decided to create our own mining farm, which at first brought very little profit. We did not stand still and constantly improved and increased the structure of our mining form, thereby increasing our overall income.

Any company sooner or later begins to look for even more new ways to earn money, which is why we decided to participate in the same way in the field of lending. But not just lending, but lending to cryptocurrencies. Many people are surprised by this phrase, but it is one of the most profitable and advanced ways to increase your income at the moment.

However, we did not find any new attractive ways to make a profit using cryptocurrencies. It was after this that we came to a consensus regarding the need to create an online service that will act as a kind of bridge between private investors and our company.

We analyzed all our trading and loan transactions, predicted the income in the event of the development of the mining farm, and made tariff plans based on the results of our activities. It was after passing these stages that the ultrabigprofit.com service was created, which you are currently on.


Our company is officially registered in London: LAYERS LTD #1156484

Company Management

Founders and leaders of the company
Dardari Wassim
President and CEO
Deleson Gregory
Executive director
Steele Thomas
Vice president for innovation and development

Our advantages

Why you should work with us
A team of experienced specialists
Our company has seven years of business experience in this field
Investor data protection
The data and funds of our investors are under reliable protection
Official registration
Our company is officially registered in the UK